A2O Innovation Solutions
07 Sep 2018



Technology for lightwelghting and CO2 emissions reduction

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A2O Innovation Solutions Ltd provides technologies for weight reduction, operational efficiency and CO2 emissions reduction. It does this with composite material manufacturing processes and a material agnostic structural health monitoring system, known as CHASM.

Advanced Composite materials are often used for weight reduction (Lightweighting). A2O’s technologies are focussed on removing the barriers to adoption of these materials by lowering component production costs and increasing manufacturing throughput. In addition to address concerns on component life A2O’s CHASM solution enables cost-effective predictive maintenance. 

A2O’s innovations are targeted at transportation sectors and aimed at the medium- to high-volume application of composites. A2O’s technologies extend into advanced materials, sensor technologies, and manufacturing processes. 

A2O Innovation Solutions Ltd. is an SME exploiting the expertise of its Founder, CEO and Director Chris Berg PhD, CEng, MInstMC. Chris has global engineering experience spanning his career from a Toolroom Apprenticeship to Technical/Engineering Directorships in various industries including Automotive, Aerospace and Oil&Gas. Chris’ capability is enhanced by academic qualifications up to PhD and commercial astuteness implementing cost-effective quality assured solutions for SMEs to Blue-chips. Chris’ belief that simplest is best is always present in A2O's developments.