16 Nov 2016



Novel biosensors for applications in research, biotechnology and medicine

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Camstech joined the STFC CERN Business Incubation Centre in March 2016 at the Harwell Campus. 

Camstech Ltd is an early stage company developing novel electrodes for biochemical sensing. The company was established in 2014 with a vision to commercialise a novel electrochemical sensor technology developed by Professor Pankaj Vadgama, initially for life sciences research and subsequently for applications in biotechnology and medical diagnostics.

In 2015 they identified intellectual property at CERN that would enable them to scale up and manufacture their sensors, cost effectively and at highly competitive production costs compared with standard processes. The technology Camstech licensed is being used on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) upgrade. Licensing of this manufacturing technology from CERN provides Camstech with a key way forward in realising its vision and in bringing their sensors to market. 

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