Oxford nanoSystems win Scale Up Stars of the Future Competition
17 Oct 2017



Oxford nanoSystems have been awarded first prize for the Scale Up Stars competition at the 30th anniversary celebration of Oxford Innovation.


​​​​​​​Oxford nanoSystems receiving the Scale up Stars award

Credit: Oxford nanoSystems

The CERN Business Incubation Centre graduate company were recognised at the event on Wednesday 11th October and will receieve a tailored package of support from Oxford Innovation. To celebrate 30 yeas of supporting entrepreneurs, Oxford Innovation wanted to celebrate the milsetone by running the nation competition to identify the next generation of forward thinking entrepreneurs. 

Alexander Reip, CEO, Oxford nanoSystems, said: “It’s a privilege to be named winner at Oxford Innovation’s 30th Anniversary celebrations and it will definitely provide us with an edge when talking to investors.  We are facing exciting challenges as we work towards commercialising our product and are fortunate to be located within Oxfordshire’s strong ecosystem, which has world-class and affordable facilities to support emerging technology companies. For the greater good of home grown talent and the UK economy, I hope that more counties across the UK follow suit.”​

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Oxford nanoSystems

Oxford nanoSystems develop innovative coatings to improve two-phase heat transfer surfaces. The technology uses a low cost, low temperature process which can be quickly and easily implemented in components post-manufacture. The coatings enable the production of cheaper, lighter, and more efficient products which consume less fuel, limit environmental impact and reduce manufacturing costs.

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Oxford Innovation

Oxford Innovation has roots in the first commercial spin-out from Oxford University - Oxford Instruments PLC. Founded in 1959 by Martin and Audrey Wood, their experience of developing a spin-out company revealed the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and inspired them to set up The Oxford Trust, a charitable trust which continues to support the region’s science and technology ecosystem and through which Oxford Innovation was born in 1987.

Since then, we have supported over 7,000 SMEs to become sustainable businesses, creating high value jobs, innovative products and services and as a result, enhanced local economies.

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