STFC CERN BIC welcomes Camstech
15 Apr 2016




STFC CERN BIC is pleased to welcome new arrival Camstech who are licensing technology being used on the Large Hadron Collider upgrade


Welcome to ournewest arrival Camstech!

CMSexperiment at CERN
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Camstech was established in 2014 with avision to commercialise a novel electrochemical sensor technology developed byProfessor Pankaj Vadgama, initially for life sciences research and subsequentlyfor applications in biotechnology and medical diagnostics.

In 2015 they identified intellectualproperty at CERN that would enable them to scale up and manufacture theirsensors, cost effectively and at highly competitive production costs comparedwith standard processes. The technology Camstech licensed is being used on theLarge Hadron Collider (LHC) upgrade. Licensing of this manufacturing technologyfrom CERN provides Camstech with a key way forward in realising their visionand in bringing their sensors to market. They entered the BIC in March 2016 atSTFC’s Harwell Campus in Oxfordshire.

We asked Professor Pankaj Vadgamawhy Camstech joined the STFC CERN BIC:

Professor Vadgama at CERN

"We are very excited to be part ofthe CERN BIC. Not only does it help the company to overcome the challenge ofsensor manufacture, but it also provides access to the tremendous intellectualpotential, skills and expertise of scientists across the CERN, RutherfordAppleton and Daresbury Laboratories. We see the CERN BIC as a springboard thatwill allow Camstech Ltd to take a big leap towards the market."

Find out more about Camstech on theirwebsite (link opens in a new window).

Contact: Hill, Zoe (STFC,DL,BID)