STFC CERN Business Incubation Centre welcomes A2O Innovation Solutions
12 Sep 2018



Start-up is adopting CERN technology to improve the safety, reliability and availability of autonomous vehicles




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A2O Innovation Solutions provides technologies for weight reduction, operational efficiency and CO2 emissions reduction. It does this with advanced composite material manufacturing processes and a material agnostic structural health monitoring system, known as CHASM for enhanced reliability.  

Advanced Composite materials are often used for weight reduction. A2O’s technologies are focussed on removing the barriers to adoption of these materials by lowering component production costs and increasing manufacturing throughput. In addition, A2O’s CHASM solution enables cost-effective predictive maintenance.

The innovation is being targeted at transport sectors - a key application for this technology is Connected Autonomous Vehicles, where predictive maintenance with increased safety, reliability and availability are crucial.

The STFC CERN Business Incubation centre (CERN BIC) is allowing A2O to access the expertise of CERN and STFC to support with design. The programme also provides start-ups with funding and access to extensive networks. A2O are based at Sci-Tech Daresbury where founder, Chris Berg, has received valuable support during his time on campus and been supported by various Business Support initiatives.

In this video, Chris Berg explains in more detail why he applied for the STFC CERN BIC and provides tips for similar SMEs.   




Contact: Hill, Zoe (STFC,DL,BID)